Our transparent fee structure

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Government prescribed fee

VAT @ 15%



Total Statutory Fee

Stationary & Travelling

Professional Fee




Total cost for you


The price quoted is for a single director company and for every additional director it should increase by Rs 3,000 

The prescribed government fee is the actual government charges for incorporation and it includes certified copies of Form 1 and Articles

Speak to us & see how you could get 100% rebate on our professional fee

Wonder how?

We understand you than anyone else. We understand how important saving money is, every rupee counts. 

So at EZYBooks we decided to offer you the lowest price ever for company formation in Sri Lanka. 

We removed some unnecessary steps from the process (obviously together with the cost & margins associated with the same), such as issuing Share Certificates, Share Register, Minute Books, Emboss Seal etc. Why you pay for these things? None of them are  mandatory at this stage. You can get them done at your leisure. Mostly your secretary would take care of them. 

And remember you don't have to pay any fee for Advertisements and Gazette now as they are taken care of by the ROC itself. So we completely eliminated that cost. 

And top of everything we keep the lowest margin in the industry passing on to you the maximum benefit. 


- EZYBooks Team-  

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